I Almost Died

I’ve been dating Taylor for three years and it’s one of the best things that ever happened ever in my life. She works as a life coach and I’m glad that she also applies it to me. She always sees to it that I bring out my best in everything that I do. She always inspires me to be the best that I can be and try to top that each day because she explains that every day of our life should always be a learning experience. She often tries to motivate me whenever I get burnt out of my work and my life. I met her through our common friend from college three years ago and since then, we never came apart. She finds me unique because of my line of work because she said that it is not every day that you meet people who do that.

Some of our friends often tease and ask us about when is our wedding. To tell you frankly, we still haven’t talked about it as we just live our life each day without expectations. What matters most for the both of us is that we are happy to be with each other.

One day, I was alarmed with her call. She immediately asked me about how to use an implantation calculator. I was speechless for a moment because I didn’t see it coming. I was blindsided in a way because we’ve been always using protection. She was laughing hard at me on the phone and was telling me that it wasn’t her who needs the information. It was her sister, Claire. She shared that she might be pregnant because her period is delayed for over two weeks and she was experiencing frequent cramping and spotting. I laughed out loud, telling her that she really scared me because I wasn’t ready for that responsibility and she agreed. She knew that my sister, Carrie used to be a nurse at our local hospital and he thought that maybe she can help with her queries. I told her that I can call my sister or even better, we can drop by at her home later. She agreed and told me to pick her up in her home after my work.

When I saw her, she was still laughing at me. I am glad that she wasn’t mad at my initial reaction. We pulled over the curve by my sister’s house and parked. My sister was curious about our sudden presence in her home. Taylor is so funny that she also used the same gag that made me gasp for air. My sister’s reaction was different though, she was so happy for us. I told her that it was Claire’s sister and she laughed it off. She taught Taylor on how easy it is to use the calculator. She also mentioned that the spotting and cramping that Claire is currently experiencing are the early signs of implantation and may mean that her sister is pregnant. She advised to have her checked to be sure.

Working at Home

I am the youngest of 10 siblings and I consider my sister, Carrie, my closest. She used to work as a nurse in the local hospital, but she resigned when she had a baby. Her husband, Michael decided that it is their best interest that she takes care of their child and she agreed. It’s nice that Michael’s work can cover all their expenses and have the luxury to make her resign and be a plain housewife. She is happy that she has tons of time to spend with her son, but she also told me that she misses working in the hospital. She added that she also misses her bonding time with her friends there.

Last week, she told me that there is an upcoming seminar about bowel movements to be done in the hospital next week. She wanted to go and she invited me to come along. She added that one of her best friends is going to be the main speaker. Her name is Dr. Jane Samuels and she’s a gastroenterologist who specializes in diseases of the digestive system or gastrointestinal tract. I told her that I’m glad that she invited me and that I’m always available for my favorite sister.

diarrhea in toddlersWe went to the hospital early to get good seats so that she can have more time to see all her friends who she used to work with. She also introduced me to them and they told me that I looked like Carrie and I love to hear that. After a couple of minutes, the seminar started and Dr. Samuels started to discuss things about the anatomy of the digestive system. It took me back to the days when I was studying my minors in college as I remembered some of the things that she was discussing. She also tackled on how the intestines work together and how they digest the food properly. She mentioned that dealing with diarrhea during pregnancy and diarrhea in toddlers are just the same. We just need to keep ourselves hydrated with water and electrolytes to keep us from getting weak. She stated that diarrheas shouldn’t really be treated as we need to release all the toxins from our body. If all the toxins got out, then the diarrhea is cured. She added that anti diarrhea pills are made for people who can’t afford not to go out of their houses to work, but she advised that if the patient is just inside the house, then there is no need to take the pill. She asked us to remember that the only thing to worry about diarrhea is being dehydrated because it may be fatal if not treated immediately. If we don’t have access to electrolytes, she told us how to make a homemade one which is pretty amazing. You just have to mix a liter of water with a tablespoon of salt and sugar and that is your sustenance for dealing with such a disease.

I love that my sister Carrie, invited me here. I’ve learned a lot and I will make use of that when the time comes. I also wish my sister to be able to move on. I know it’s hard to get out of her routine, but I know that it’s worth it.


Getting There

In a few days, it is going to be my 4th year anniversary with my girlfriend, Taylor and I’m so excited to spend my whole day with her. I know I need to make up for lost time as I’ve been always busy with my work. I plan to have a candlelight dinner at a fancy, French restaurant downtown. I already booked it as early as last month. I also ordered two dozen blue roses, her favorite and I want to give her a dog to keep her company. I’m still torn with getting her a teacup Pomeranian or a boxer pitbull mix. I have a breeder friend Sam, who told me that he has the two breeds and I just need to call him if he wants to reserve one and which breed. In my mind, she’ll be happier with a smaller breed like the Pomeranian, but giving her a bigger and more intimidating breed will make my mind more secure.

I spent some sleepless night on deciding what to give her and I finally gave in. I have already decided to get the dog that will make her happier. I called Sam right away and asked him if he can reserve the Pomeranian for me. He mentioned that such breeds are very active and playful and he hopes that Taylor likes him. I asked him what colors are still available and he told me that I better go down there fast because many people have been inquiring about them.

After work, I went out to meet with Sam to see the puppies. They are so cute and cuddly. Since Taylor is fond of black and white, fortunately, there’s a puppy colored as such. Being Sam, my usual devil’s advocate, he also let me see the boxer mixed and I hated him for it. I told him that I have no more money to spend for that as I only have a spare for one. He told me that such breeds are very great companions as they are very loyal to their owner once their trust is reached. He told me that he’s just going to give it to me for free and I wasn’t budging. I asked him if he is kidding because I’m really taking the two dogs home and I was so surprised that he is serious about it. He is really a great friend to have. I told him that somehow, someday, I can repay everything that he has done for me. He told me that it was nothing to worry about; just being a good friend to him is enough.

I am so excited to go home as I have two puppies at the back of my car. I forgot to buy two cages, but I think that the large carton box would suffice for the night. As soon as I got home, I gave them warm milk and my old, torn blanket to keep them warm.

As I rest my tired and weary body on my bed, I am thinking of what reaction will I get when I propose to her in a few days. I hope that she will say yes. I really hope so because she is the love of my life.