One Big Happy Family

Being a part of a large brood of siblings really has its ups and downs, and depending on which part you are rooting for, it can be heaven or it can be hell, but usually both at the same time. I for one came from such a big family and I know what it means when you say that living in one is really like living in some kind of overgrown blender which keeps tumbling around and never ceasing to stop.

But I am not complaining as I have rather fond memories of my time living with all of my brothers and sisters. I am the youngest of the brood so maybe I had an easier time with it, as most of them had already grown up a little when I was born, so let’s say that I had gotten off the hook with my mischief most of the time. Blame was never placed on me, not even one single time that I can remember.


But if there were many perks being the youngest, surely there were also many downsides to it. Like me always being the recipient of hand me down clothes from my other siblings. I seldom get toys that I wanted as there were too many of them lying around to justify buying new ones. And that I also couldn’t have my parents to myself, as there are ten of us that are always vying for their attention.

I never really knew about those things back then, as I was only a child that knows nothing in the world, and the only things I was worried about back then was when it was time to eat and when it as time to play. Oh I forgot the times when I had to make a mess, which was always, and the times I had to cry, which never really needed any reason at all.

I also know that I had many kids to play with and many kids to do everything with, and believe me we did everything. Looking back to that time never fails to bring a smile to my face. We were really happy back then despite of the many problems we had and I wouldn’t want to exchange it for anything else.

I for one didn’t have the best pack n play to play on as mine is a hand me down. Maybe it was one when it was originally bought, but surely the years have taken its toll on the thing. Maybe we had the best lightweight luggage in the world but it would not stand a chance with all the clothes that are needed to be packed on a regular basis.

Maybe we never ate till we wanted to as things really have to be shared with many, maybe we didn’t go out that often as budget is strictly enforced in the household, and maybe we didn’t get to have all the toys that we wanted. But do you want to know what we had? Well we had each other and that was enough for us to be happy.