Jack’s New Pet

My sister, Carrie has an only son named Jack, and he has been begging her mom to buy him a dog for months. He is just 6 years old and he is very fond of animals. He currently has a hamster in his him room. His friend, Jim, their neighbor are of the same age and he owns a Japanese Spitz. That’s the reason why he wanted one. Her mom really wants to buy him one, but her husband, Mike doesn’t want him to have one because he has an asthma. He can’t afford to have his whole house covered with dog sheds as he’ll have an asthma attack. She talked to her husband to make a compromise and they both decided to keep the dog outside their house at all times to make their son happy. She told her son about it and he is so too excited to get one.

Carrie asked me for my opinion on what breed to get Jack and I told her that poodle mixes are very good toy dogs for his age, especially a yorkie poodle. I added that I have a friend who breeds them. I’ve always known that is it much better to buy directly from breeders because they are cheaper and the dogs are better taken care of than animals in pet shops. I called my friend, Sam and inquired if there are still available dogs to choose from, but he told me that he has only one remaining. I told him to reserve it for my sister as we are coming down there in the next hour to see the puppy.

Carrie and I got ready and we saw Jack coming towards the car. He asked us where we are going and we told him that we’re going to buy him a dog so he asked us if he can come and we obliged. He was so happy that he was singing the whole trip. We finally got into Sam’s home. Before we even parked the car, Jack asked her mom if he can already come down and that was funny. Her mom asked her to behave and told him to wait. I knocked on Sam’s door and no one was answering so I just called his phone. He told me that he didn’t hear us and he apologized for it. He invited us into his home and we saw about a dozen of dogs in all sizes. There was a golden retriever, pointer, Chihuahua, pugs and a lot more. Jack was even more thrilled when he got to see the male yorkiepoo that we reserved for him. It is colored cream so Jack called him Butters. Butters kept wagging his tail the whole time that Jack was playing with him. I told Sam that it looked like he’s going to get the dog and we chuckled.

On our way home, Carrie reminded her son to always take care of him and never ever let the dog inside as his dad may inhale its fur and may incite his asthma. Jack promised that he’ll be a very good and loving owner.