Big Family Benefits

I have designed and created countless of beautiful teddies that have already brought millions of smiles to many a children of the world, and I am very happy for it. But right now, do you want to know what else would really make me happy? Well, it may sound a little bit ridiculous, but if it is at all possible, then I want to have the best travel tripod for my camera and the best yoga DVD for my back problems.

It really sounded me being selfish but hey, sometimes you have got to look out for yourself too right? Growing up with many brothers and sisters taught me to never want anything for myself for the good of everyone and it was my mantra up till now. So if I ever bought these two then it will be the first time I gave in to myself.

Well the DVD cost next to nothing so I suppose it will not count towards extravagance, and the benefits that I will eventually get from it certainly outweighs the minimal cost to be incurred. So I think I will get that first, probably later this afternoon after I get my haircut.

I was introduced to yoga by a close friend of mine who was a practitioner. He said that it works miracles in both a person’s mind and body, and that if I tried it then most probably I will get hooked on it. I was always complaining about my back at work and he said that I must try it at least once. So I did, and here I am getting a DVD to get me started on it.

The camera tripod on the other hand, is for my recently acquired DSLR camera that I got for my birthday. It was gifted to me by a brother of mine who was into photography. It was not new for all intents and purposes and he gave it to me because he was buying a much powerful one to use for his work.

He knew I was very interested in taking pictures of stuffs and he was always kidding me with my use of a very basic camera. But kidding aside, I took great pictures even without any good gear. Maybe he thought that by giving me pro stuff then I could advance to another level or something. Anyway, a camera is a camera and the picture you get still is dependent on the one shooting it.

Maybe I will go online and check for the prices of these things and I hope that they do not cost me an arm and a leg. Or maybe, just maybe, my brother has a spare one and I can ask him for it. He always gives me things that he no longer uses, probably an after effect of our younger years where we pass on things we no longer need to our siblings who needs them. There you go another benefit of being in a very large family.