My older brother, Jeffrey has been obsessed playing golf since he was young and he is really good at it. People even say that he can play as a professional golfer if he wants to, but he told them that it’s just his hobby and passion and he added that he can’t be a professional golfer because he is not good with pressure packed situations. He shared that it just relaxes him whenever he is playing the game. He frequents the driving range on a nearby local country club every weekend.

It was his 40th birthday last week and our family gave him a surprise party at the country club where he always plays. Our mom reserved the restaurant inside the club to accommodate Jeff’s closest friends and our whole family. We spent the whole day eating and playing golf. Our nieces and nephews enjoyed their time driving down the range with the golf carts that mom rented. I asked mom about how much cash did she put out. The funny thing was she just smiled and she told me that it was all worth it.

A week later, I just got a call from my mom about my brother, Jeff. I was told that he had injured his hips in playing golf. She asked me to go with her to the hospital to check on my brother if I have the time to spare. I told her that I’ll just meet her in the hospital because I still need to finish my design for my next batch of stuffed toys. After an hour, I went to see my brother and my mom at the hospital. I asked him what happened. He told me that he didn’t know because he just did his usual routine every week to play. He just made a perfect swing to start the hole number one and he heard something crack in his hips and it was so painful that he fell down on the ground. He was fortunate that the attendants of the club are very attentive. They saw what happened and immediately brought him to the nearest hospital for treatment.

I’ve talked to Jeff’s doctor and he showed me his x-ray. He pointed out that he has a torn labrum hip, like the ones describe by the medical experts at, and he got it with playing golf over the years. He also mentioned that he’s going to get some hip flexor pain so he will prescribe him strong pain relievers to help him cope with it. He suggested confining my brother in the hospital for a week so they can watch over him and his condition. For now, he got some steroid shots to help keep down the swelling. He is instructed not to move so much as not to further complicate his condition.

I feel very bad for my brother because playing golf is his life. I can’t even imagine what he felt when the doctor told him that he got it from playing golf over the years. It’s like telling me that I can’t make stuffed toys anymore and I can’t do that because it is my passion.