Sisters for Life

My other sister, Shauna just gave birth to a very beautiful and healthy baby girl last week. She named her after our grandmother, Emma. I love that our family is still growing until now. Shauna called me on the phone and asked me if I know something about breastfeeding because she is having some problems about it. She added that is it normal to have a period while breastfeeding because she is experiencing it right now. I told him to ask our sister, Carrie since she used to be a nurse. She asked me to ask her because they aren’t that close to begin with because of a huge difference in their personalities. When we were kids, they often get into fights over nothing. I told her not to fret as I’ll update her as soon as I get hold of Carrie because I’m still at work. I added that I might drop by her home later if I finish all the paper works here in my office.

Fortunately, I had a breeze in finishing my work as I was already finished before 5pm so I’ll have the time to talk to Carrie. I called Carrie first at her home to make sure that she’s in there because lately, Carrie and her child often go to the park with their dog to get some fresh air in the afternoons. She answered the phone and told me that they aren’t planning to go out today as her child, Jack isn’t feeling well. I was glad that they aren’t going out, but I’m sad for my little nephew. On my way to their house, I dropped by his favorite ice cream shop and got him a tub of chocolate and vanilla ice cream to somehow offset his condition.

I parked in front of their home and I saw poor Jack on the window pane staring at people walking by. His face instantly lit up when he saw my car pulling over. He rushed to the door to open and I gave him the ice cream that I bought for him. His mom reminded him to not eat it all up and told him to remember what happened to him when he last tried finishing a tub of ice cream by himself and he promised that he’ll just finish a cup of it.

foods to avoid while breastfeedingCarrie asked me what the occasion is that I came down her home after work. I told her about the condition of our sister, Shauna. She asked why didn’t she ask her herself. I told her that she must be feeeling apprehensive about the thought because they aren’t that close. She told me that she should have asked her because it is very important. So what she did is she called our sister and asked her about her condition. She told her that it is just normal and she has nothing to worry about. She also reminded her of the foods to avoid while breastfeeding like anything with caffeine, which may disrupt the baby’s normal sleeping patterns that may hinder her sleep and most especially, her growth. Our sister thanked us both and she told me she owed me a lot.