When Bad Comes to Worst

It’s spring season once again and our surrounding air is loaded with irritants like dusts and pollen grains and it’s bad news to people with allergies like hives, allergic rhinitis and asthma. I’m fortunate enough that I had it as a child so I had a big chance to treat my condition. My doctor advised me to swim at least five to ten laps a day for my daily exercise to train my lungs to perform at its very best and it worked wonders for me.

Unfortunately for Mike, my sister Carrie’s husband, he was diagnosed at an older age. His doctors told him that he can’t be cured and they can only help him to manage his asthma.  This spring season, he is having frequent asthma attacks. It is really taking a toll on him that he can’t perform his best at work. He’s frequently puffing his Salbutamol inhaler until it resolves his gasping for air. His wife told her that it is dangerous to overdose in such chemicals so he should just go to his doctor for a consult. He agreed and told her that he is always having a hard time when spring season comes.

Carrie and Mike went off to see his doctor. The doctor asked him to get an x-ray to see if his asthma has developed into other diseases like bronchitis or emphysema because it happened to some of his earlier patients. He mentioned that most of his patients have also been having the same symptoms as his because of the season. Mike looked worried and Carrie, an optimist as always, asked him to not to worry so much because it’s useless to stress about something that you can’t do anything about, that is it not in their hands. Mike just smiled and kept quiet. They waited for a couple of hours for the results and they were told that he didn’t develop anything bad, but he needs to take the necessary precautions to be sure that his condition won’t worsen.

The doctor advised him to wear an N100 mask when he goes outside to prevent him from inhaling irritants like dusts and pollen grains. He was also prescribed with a new inhaler with steroids to be maintained for a month. He was also asked to come back next week to check if the steroid is working for him. The doctor also told Mike that he can also take home remedies for asthma like making teas of evening primrose, ginger, parsley, chamomile and saffron. He just needs to boil it for a few minutes and strain it. He can put a little bit of honey or sugar to taste. The doctor also added that anise, basil, cardamom and Echinacea can also be made into teas because they are also natural antihistamine. Before going home, they dropped by the nearest pharmacy and got him masks and his new medicines prescribed by the doctor.

I hope Mike’s condition will be better in the coming days. I know that Carrie will always take good care of him. I do hope that Mike will observe the necessary precautions that the doctor taught him to avoid frequent attacks.