Brace Yourself

My oldest nephew is Daniel and he is already thirteen years old. She is the only son of my eldest sister, Jackie. He is gradually becoming more and more conscious of his looks each day. He has an overbite and it needs to be treated. He told his mom about it and she told her that she still has to talk about it with his dad because they have really bad finances this year. Their winery business just became bankrupt last year and they are trying to cope with it as much as they can. Their right hand man took most of the company’s money and ran off.

I heard the news about Daniel wanting to get treated by getting braces and I felt bad for him. I immediately called Jackie on the phone to offer to pay for half of the treatment. I told her that I have some extra money hidden for special occasions like this. She was crying on the phone as she was so touched by my kind gesture. I asked her to calm down and tell her son the news. Daniel was so happy and excited. Both of them thanked me and told me that I’m a blessing to their family. I asked them if they already have a dentist preferred because if not, I have a friend who’d gladly treat my nephew and they told me that they don’t know any good dentist around.

After talking with my sister and Daniel, I immediately called my best friend Chris who is a great orthodontist. He was surprised that I called his office because I normally call his personal number. I told him that I need my nephew’s overbite fixed and he said that he needs to see his condition first, so I booked a morning appointment the next day to finally start his treatment. I called my sister again to tell her about the appointment place and time.

The next day, I saw Daniel and my sister and they hugged me so tight that I almost gasped for air. I joked that if they kill me, there will be no one who’ll to pay half of it and we all laughed. We entered Chris’ clinic and introduced them to him. He made Daniel gargle with water and sit on the dental chair. He asked him to say aaahhh and then he checked his teeth. He mentioned that it may take him one to two years of treatment and he needs to get some of his teeth extracted because he needs the space for the teeth to move properly. He also needs teeth x-rays and pictures for reference. He added that he also needs to put spacers for braces on his second molars for brackets and it might cause him pain, but it is tolerable. To help him cope up with the pain, he said that he can give him tooth pain relief just in case.

I’m glad that Daniel is still pushing this even when he heard about tooth extraction. When I was his age, I was so afraid of dentists and injections. I’m very proud of him, my little, brave nephew.