Puberty Knocking on Daniel’s Door

Puberty has really been hitting my nephew, Daniel so hard. His face is bombarded with pimples like there is no tomorrow. It’s just like yesterday that I used to bring him out to theme parks and now, he’s almost as tall as me and relatively an adult. I have been spending more time with him lately because I always accompany him every week to Chris, his dentist. He often tells me stuff about his thoughts, crushes, dreams and aspirations and problems.

Last time that I was with him, he mentioned that he wants to get treated by a dermatologist because he is bothered by all his acnes not only on his face, but also all over his back. I offered that I can pay for him and he politely declined, telling me that I’ve done too much for him. After a few days, I thought of a very good solution for Daniel. He can work in the shop part-time as we are looking for part-time salesmen. It’s a very good job because it has excellent pay and very flexible time. He can take absences, but he needs to inform me first. I told him and her mom about it and they’re so stoked about it. I asked my nephew to make a good curriculum vitae and submit it to me to make it more formal. I asked his mom to help him as I know that she’s pretty good in writing.

After a few days, I called his mom and told her that he is hired. He can work at the shop every weekend and he’s going to be paid per hour. She told Daniel about it and he is so excited for his first day. I wasn’t able to check up on him on his first day of work because I had too many paper works and designs to finish, and my assistant told me that he is good in dealing with people. I’m so proud of him. Days passed and he finally have enough money for his dermatologist. I also gave him a bonus for a job well done. He asked his mom to accompany him to the doctor this coming weekend.

The dermatologist interviewed him first before checking his face and back for acnes. The doctor mentioned that he needs to clean it everyday and avoid using dirty towels or clothes to wipe them off. She added not to prick his pimples to prevent skin tears, especially the pimples under the skin which are harder to prick. She suggested him to come back every week for treatment and cleansing.

Jackie, her mom, told me that it was quite invigorating seeing her son listening to her doctor. I told her that I felt the same thing that he is growing up so fast. We are both happy that he is growing up as a mature and a very responsible adult. We both hope that he continues to be like that so he will succeed in whatever path he chooses to take.