Jack’s Birthday Party

It’s going to be my nephew’s birthday this weekend and I already know what to get him. We both share the love for pets that is why I’m really close to the child. He is also smart and a very curious child. He is a very good kid that he kept his promise to Mike, his dad that he’ll always take care of his yorkie poodle. I’ve seen his dog lately and he really is a very healthy dog. That being said, I know that when I give him another pet, he is responsible enough to love it and take care of it properly.

I asked the salesman of the pet shop to educate me more about the hedgehogs because it is the pet that I’m planning to give the child. He told me that they are very friendly, playful, active and the most important of all, they do not bite. They usually eat insects and they can also be fed with leafy vegetables like lettuce or cabbage. They do require exercise so it is wise to buy them a wheel. They just need fresh water every day and they are golden. They also aren’t that noisy compared to hamsters and rabbits.

I told Carrie about my plan to get her child two hedgehogs as pets for my gift on his birthday. She was surprised that hedgehogs can be pets. I told him that all pet shops that I’ve been to around our town have them. She asked me if they have leashes and I said none. Instead, I told her that they have big hedgehog cages to let them roam around and exercise on their wheels. They can also be given a carton of tissue because they like chewing on things. She finally agreed that I can give him a new pet and he asked me to please remind her son to always take care of it because she’s busy with chores around the house. I promised that I’ll tell that to Jack and I told her that her son is very responsible. When I was his age, I wasn’t as mature and responsible as he is now so I think he’s going to be better in the coming years to come.

Finally, it’s weekend and it’s my favorite nephew’s birthday. Its 7am and I called him on the phone to greet him. I tried to kid him that I’m not going to make it to his birthday this year, but I didn’t know that her mom already told him that I will be coming later. He is asking me what I got him and I told him that it’s much better if he just see it personally. I told him that I can come in an hour as I still have an errand to go to and he said that it’s okay. After an hour, I brought his pet’s cage and it is covered with a big cloth for a surprise. I think he saw me pulling over their driveway because I saw him running towards me when I was walking on the driveway on the way to their house. He was so happy when he took off the cover. He hugged me tight and told me that it’s his best birthday ever. I reminded and told him of the things that he needs to do to on how to properly take care of his new pet and he ran along happily to show his friends his new pet.